Hiking and Trekking On the mainland of West Flores a wide variety of mountainous treks in remote and rarely visited areas can be found and are waiting to be explored. Hire a local guide who brings you from Labuan Bajo to one of the deepest volcanic crater lakes in the world in Sano Nggoang or support a community development project by trekking with the well trained guides and porters of the Roe Ecotourism Association.
Fantastic Diving around Komodo

The Komodo National Park and its surrounding areas are home to one of the richest and most varied marine environments in world. More than 50 unique dive sites have been surveyed and mapped for park visitors.

Tado Village Labuan BajoVisit one of West Flores’ traditional villages to gain insights on local culture and the daily lives of local residents. Friendly and welcoming villagers are eager to share their traditions and folklore with international visitors.
Komodo Monitor LizardThe endogenous Komodo dragons are the iconic mascots of West Flores. Komodo and its surrounding islands were designated as a National Park in 1980. In 1977 UNESCO declared the Park as a "Word Nature Heritage Site,” with the further designation of “Men and Biosphere."
cunca wulang canyonCunca Wulang Canyon allows you to see waterfalls, canyon, and natural caves. Trekking to and from the site in forest trails is another great experience
virginisland-thumbs.jpgExcursions to remote Islands with white sandy beaches and turquoise waters are easily arranged in Labuan Bajo. Takes a swim, snorkel or lay back and just enjoy your secluded island hideaway.

West Flores - Labuan Bajo

Labuan Bajo is the gateway to the West Flores: Komodo & So Much More tourist destination


Flores Remo Tour

We are a new tour operator based in Labuan Bajo. We offer various adventurous trips around Flores, Sumba and Alor....

Waecicu Eden Beach Hotel

This hotel is located 10 min by boat, northern tip of Flores, on the peninsula in the natural jungle forest...


One of the deepest volcanic crater lakes -  hiking, trekking, eco-tourism

Cunca Wulang Canyon with waterfalls and natural cave

Traditional village "Tado village".
Get in touch with traditional village life and culture